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Greetings. Thanks for dropping by. I'm the author of edgy horror and paranormal fiction. What that means is I crossover the best of dark fiction with a Christian twist. I keep you on the edge of your seat without all of the gratuitous gore; and I try not to beat you over the head with a Bible, if that's not your thing.

With my Dance on Fire vampire series, Nathaniel saved Barbara & her children from another vampire - but did she really save him? It's the series that explores whether the undead can be used for good. If not, then why is the Devil himself trying so hard to destroy him? Curious? You can get book one free by following the link above.

In my stand alone novel, Seeing Ghosts, we follow Paul Herrera as he inherits a haunted house on the California central coast from an aunt he doesn't remember. The woman who shows it to him is the spitting image of his dead wife, taken tragically from him three years earlier. Left alone for a week and surrounded by ghosts, he must try and hold onto the one thing he does have: his sanity.

Thanks again for stopping by. Last year saw me release the third chapter of my vampire series. This year I think I have another ghost story to tell. I'm working on that now. Much more to come! In the meantime, I was recently interviewed & you can view that at the bottom of the page.

Wishing you and yours the very best in 2016.

We'll talk soon.